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A natural light and candid street photographer based in Singapore

Yoricko Liu is a lifestyle photographer born and raised in Singapore. Since childhood, he had always been a visual communicator — sharing ideas through drawing and photography. Growing up, he learnt photography largely on his own, studying the great photographers and their pictures.

Project Highlight: 84 Minutes

Street Photo Documentary — Commutes in Singapore

The average Singaporean spends 84 minutes on public transport everyday. Over time, that accumulates to a significant portion of their life travelling from home to their workplace.

A commute is a mundane experience for most, but there are plenty of beautiful moments that we often do not pay attention to.

Yoricko makes these street photographs to reveal the moments we take for granted during a typical commute in Singapore.

Other Projects

A lone security guard taking a break late at night

Eight Five, Night Life

Street Photo Documentary — Nightlife in Singapore

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Man taking shelter from the rain

Coronavirus: Everyday life in Singapore

Documenting the effects of coronavirus outbreak

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Work Highlight: CYCHLAND

Actual Day Wedding Photography

A wedding is a special day when a couple is united by marriage. Across the globe, marriage traditions vary. But no matter where one is from, there are often a myriad of rituals and customs to observe and do on the wedding day.

A marriage is not only about the couple or the rituals. The couple’s friends, families, and all guests all have an important role in the wedding as they were the ones who shaped the couple the way they are.

These photojournalistic wedding pictures document the heartfelt emotions felt by both the couple and their guests. These pictures are photographed unobtrusively so the couple can focus on the people important to them — their friends and family.

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Kind words.

ching yi feedback profile

Thank you so much for everything … By the way Yoricko, everyone says your pictures are so nice!

11th February 2020
jacq feedback profile

Thanks so much for the pictures Yoricko. 辛苦你了! A lot of people said [it was] very nice.

Jacqueline Neo
26th December 2019
onyx feedback profile

Wow there’s lots of cool shots in there ... thank you so much!

25th March 2020
Street portrait of a girl looking inquisitively at the camera

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