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Salutations! I am Yoricko Liu, a freelance photographer based in Singapore. My life goal is to reveal the beauty in life and show the world that everyone is an interesting individual with a story worth telling. No need for ridiculous sets, wardrobes, themes, and poses. Just be true to yourself.

A quiet moment in the wedding bus

Raw emotions and timeless moments

Your ecstatic laughter, purest of smiles, deadpan face of boredom, and tears of happiness — your authentic human emotions make you who you are. My sensitivity to these fleeting delicate and emotional moments allows me to capture and craft a picture that will withstand all photographic trends and fads.

A candid moment during the opening

Revel in the present

Relax and enjoy the present moment — sights, sounds, people, and interactions — as I photograph the natural beauty with minimal instructions and interruptions to your event. Whether it is to speak to your important guests, or to simply appreciate the scenic beauty of a location, have faith that you will have great pictures taken unobtrusively.

Relive the magic in prints

View and relive your important moments the way you witnessed it — with reflected light. No matter how bright or colour rich your display is, it can never truly replace prints. The myriad of alluring textures and reflectivity of paper is hard to replicate even with the best digital screens. Dabbling in design and analogue prints, rest assured your photographs will look great on all kinds of printed media — from flat lay wedding albums, to editorial publications.

Wedding and Event photography

Your important day

My experience with street photography allows me to craft a compelling story of your important day or event unobtrusively. This means you can focus on having a good time with your friends and family, or spend time engaging with your clients. There is no need to pause and halt the flow events with ridiculous poses or staged scenes. Just simply have fun!

Readying the traditional wedding dress

Portrait and Pet photography

An artistic impression

Whether you need a stylistic portrait or a simple clean photo for you or your pet, my background in film photography allows me to deliver results even under the most challenging conditions.

A motorcycle rider looks far over Singapore

Other photography projects

Got something a bit different?

Perhaps you got a project that is something other weddings, events, portraits, and pets. Just send a request and we will see if I am the right person for the job.

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Kind words.

ching yi feedback profile

Thank you so much for everything … By the way Yoricko, everyone says your pictures are so nice!

11th February 2020
jacq feedback profile

Thanks so much for the pictures Yoricko. 辛苦你了! A lot of people said [it was] very nice.

Jacqueline Neo
26th December 2019
onyx feedback profile

Wow there’s lots of cool shots in there ... thank you so much!

25th March 2020