If you have an affinity for my aesthetics in photography.

Although the camera is a ubiquitous piece of technology in this modern age, it is the person behind the camera that matters most — the photographer.

Every photographer is different with their own unique way of seeing the world, selecting a moment of reality to abstract onto a two dimensional surface to represent time, convey a mood, or send a message.

I differ from other photographers with my extensive background in street photography and my love for the classics photography and art.

Definitely not (unless you request for it).

Although I prefer the aesthetics of black and white photography, I respect that each individual has their own preferences.

You will have your pictures delivered in full colour as usual, but there might be a higher number of edited copies in black and white when compared to a typical photographer.

Yes of course.

There will be additional charges due to the additional work and technical expertise needed in handling and shooting film negatives.

Send me a message or request form, my timings are rather flexible. A minimum notice of 48 hours is required for most bookings. That way, I can adequately prepare for your project.

Your pictures will be delivered anytime between a week and a month depending on the nature of the work.

It depends on how much you value my creative work.

Cost can vary wildly from the amount of pictures required, duration of the session, unexpected difficulties, standard of delivery.

Send me an offer with your project details and we can work something out.


Every photographic project is unique with their own set of requirements and challenges. Having a fixed price and standard of delivery means that even if you have a simple project, you would be paying the same amount as someone else with a challenging project requesting for the same amount of deliverables. Outrageous!

With the fees adjusted based on the nature of the project, you will only be paying for what you need.

So I can deliver better custom tailored results.

Instead of approaching your project or event with a fixed cookie-cutter approach and getting average results, every project is unique and should be treated as such. Knowing more about your project and event allows me to deliver the best possible results that both matches your requirements and allows me to use my creativity to its fullest potential.

It varies.

As an estimate, you will get at least 100 fully edited pictures for a 6 hour wedding/event.

Not professionally.

You may wish to discuss with me if you are willing to let me practice and use your project as a test-bed.


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