Golden Mile Complex Photoshoot

Portraits from my first motorcycle photoshoot at Golden Mile Complex carpark, Singapore.

I first met Onyx while I was capturing the nightlife in Singapore for my personal project. A few weeks later, I got a message from him to photograph some cool pictures of his motorcycle, the Yamaha R6.

I love motorcycles and bicycles, and hastily agreed to do a little photoshoot for him. Got it underway after finding a suitable location and time. Finalised the shoot at Golden Mile Complex carpark.

Golden Mile Complex Carpark

It was my first portrait session, and with a motorcycle too. I managed to get many cool pictures from the photoshoot — maybe a bit too much on the cool side. Although Onyx is naturally a nice and friendly person, I did not get him to smile much for most of the shoot.

Golden Hour at the Golden Mile Complex roof

After the golden hour, it got dark pretty quickly. I pulled out my lighting equipment, only to experience some technical difficulties. But with a little creativity, I managed to pull off some great shots from the motorcycle photoshoot using only the available light from the Golden Mile Complex roof area.

Night Photoshoot

Thank you Onyx for bringing up the motorcycle photoshoot. Would love to have another shoot in the future. Perhaps with a nice R1 next time.


Candid moments from the motorcycle photoshoot at Golden Mile Complex

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