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I first met Ching Yi and Chen Hui not too long ago while covering an event shoot. The duo stood out to me as most cheerful. I gladly accepted their invitation to be part CYCHLAND and captured many meaningful moments to be remembered for decades to come.


It was a beautiful sunny morning to start CYCHLAND. It did not take long for the groom and groomsmen, with the groom dressed up as a dashing Arabian prince, to arrive for the gatecrashing ceremony.

The absurd challenges got everyone in smiles and laughter. But in one of the more squeamish ones, I got to see a tender side of Chen Hui as he showed concern for his groomsmen. A rare side of him I managed to capture.

Chen Hui soon conquered the challenges — well, at least most of it — and got to be reunited with his bride.

Little moments: fetching the bride

Next up was fetching the bride back to the groom’s place to officially begin the tea ceremony, part of the traditional Chinese wedding customs in Singapore.

In this transitional period, I managed to capture some candid and private moments that are often forgotten or undocumented.

Guests having a chat

Family members catching up with each other while the couple and bridesmaids are having a picture taken outside.

Tea ceremony

One of the most important ceremonies in the traditional Chinese wedding in Singapore is the tea ceremony. For some, it is a formal and serious affair with many customs to follow — seating positions, serving order, titles, who is serving, etc.

Despite all of that, the friends and family of CYCHLAND are all full of smiles and laughter.


With the tea ceremony over, we took some stylish pictures, and had a little break before the start of the CYCHLAND banquet.

Preparations for the CYCHLAND

Now it is time for CYCHLAND to come to life. I was genuinely surprised to see the amount of hard work put in by the couple, their family, and friends to make the banquet a great experience for everyone.

CYCHLAND Wedding Reception

All the decorating, rehearsal, and planning finally pays off.

CYCHLAND Banquet and Performance

The day culminates in the banquet night, performance, and dance. Smiles and applause fills the hall between segments of speeches, slideshows, and videos.

The couple’s love for music and the cinema clearly shows with a heartfelt performance by the duo, and a thrilling dance show at the end.


All good things must come to an end.

Hugs in words; hugs for photos; hugs for goodbyes.

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