Student music recital and jam at Blu Jaz Cafe

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When one thinks of a student music recital, one would often associate it with students fumbling on the keys or going off key on a stage where all the attention would be focused on the performer.

This particular event at the Blu Jaz Cafe was a little different.

First half — student recital

It was a student recital for a popular music school. But the difference was that students had an option to perform with a backing band.

The backing band for the event provided some confidence for the students and ensured everyone had a great time no matter how the students played. The band can gloss over slip-ups, take away attention from mistakes, and add more energy to a performance in a way no amateur musician is capable of doing.

Even with or without the slip-ups, everyone had a great time here in the private room of Blu Jaz Cafe.

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