We humans generate a large amount of biological and material waste. We simply flush it down our porcelain thrones or toss it in the bin.

But have you ever thought about the system that keeps our living spaces clean? 

An unassuming plain rectangle

In most estates, the neighbourhood garbage collection centre in Singapore is simply a plain rectangular slab with some vents near the roof. This artless rectangle is easily overlooked and ignored. But in the facility, there is more than meets the eye.

Signs of life in the garbage collection centre

Peering in the neighbourhood garbage collection centre in Singapore, you will find trash — a mountain of it.

But look a little deeper, and you will find signs of life. I am not referring to roaches or the rats, but people. These centres are kept running by foreign workers who travelled a long distance to work in Singapore in hopes of a better future.

Modest life

Despite the poor conditions, these underappreciated workers appear to be content with their current situation.

Amidst the trash in the garbage collection centre, there are a variety of previously owned and loved objects that are discarded for some reason. Some of the ones in better condition are kept by the workers in their modest living quarters.

Although I had some difficulties communicating with them trying to get these pictures, most of the workers are approachable and friendly.

No one dreams to be a garbageman.

If you happen to pass by one of your neighbourhood cleaners, do consider greeting them instead of ignoring their existence and the hard work they put in everyday.

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